Black Seed | Saouda: Specialist of black seed (habba sawda)

SAOUDA is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of well-being products.

Founded in April, 2008; this young SME is managed by 4 people with and average age of 28 years. SAOUDA has chosen to settle on the well-being sector by creating its brand of products: « SAOUDA, mélange de vertus et plaisirs » (the blend of virtues and pleasures).

The core activity of this business is the elaboration and production of new healthy products containing nigella which is a medicinal plant with multiple virtues.

The daring concept of SAOUDA is not common: elaborate new recipes and subcontracting the manufacturing of healthy diet products by cooperating with professionals to eventually market them globally.

Today, SAOUDA offers three products:

- a cappuccino with black seed without the digestion side effects of the coffee-milk mix.

- a black tea with black seed and cinnamon.

- 100% natural food complements with nigella.

SAOUDA undertakes to offer to its customers high quality products combining virtues and pleasures by cooperating with renowned professionals.

Constantly developing its range of products to meet the needs of its clients, SAOUDA aims to market products containing nigella originating from the organic farming. These products are both for the food sector and pharmacies.

The nigella touch has allowed this business to come in the spotlight on the market of the well-being diet. On the long run, SAOUDA intends to become the leader on the market of nigella-based products and to offer its expertise on a global scale.