Black Seed | Saouda: Specialist of black seed (habba sawda)

Nigella is a godsend,

SAOUDA made a tea out of it!

Discover nigella seed through black tea range Saouda.

A hot drink with unique flavors that will make you travel through time

Taste the delicate savour of the spices-flavoured black tea associated with the sweet flavour of cinnamon and with the taste of nigella to produce an unmatched gustative experience.

Product Description:

-  Net Weight: 40 g.

- Ingredients: Iran black tea (55%), nigella seeds (35%), spices flavours, cinnamon peel. This tea is sugar and preservative free.


20 airtight sachets of 2 grammes each in a cardboard box.

Energy values for a 2 grammes sachet:

Energy intake of less than 4 kcals for 100 ml of brewed tea.

Preparation directions:

- Put a sachet in a cup

- Add hot water

- Leave the tea to brew 3 to 4 minutes

- Sweeten to taste and enjoy this blend of virtues and pleasures