Black Seed | Saouda: Specialist of black seed (habba sawda)

After centuries, mankind has been able to conquer the entire Earth and space but has become aware only recently of its impact on the environment and of the virtues of the surrounding flora and fauna.

But, because of the very threat he is representing today for the ecosystem, mankind feels the need to take up again with nature and to live together with it in harmony while using the secrets it contains to attain the well-being he is aspiring to.

For some, having a healthy mind in a healthy body is an inaccessible luxury. For others, it is a mere myth.

However, a healthy life based on simple rules and habits helps to reach this ideal balance every day.

On the other hand, the development of obesity troubles and cardiovascular diseases has revealed the preventive role of a healthy diet.

Likewise, a life pace that generates more and more stress makes well-being a commodity in great demand.

And what if nature had simply hidden the preventive tools that will allow us to consolidate the defences of our body against the everyday aggressions?

Because we have neglected for to long the wealth that nature had to offer in terms of well-being, SAOUDA undertakes to help you preserve your health.

SAOUDA, when pleasure meets virtue for your well-being.