Black Seed | Saouda: Specialist of black seed (habba sawda)

In the beginning of our life, our immune system is very fragile since it evolves as time passes by. It builds up in the long run through contacts with surrounding microbes. This is why the natural defences of a child are far less prepared to fight against microbes than those of an adult.

However, our way of life greatly affects the fine operation of our immune system. Stress, unhealthy diet, or high exhaustion contribute to weaken white blood cells which normally are very efficient.

To help our immune system help us, we can adopt daily simple habits.

For instance, it is highly recommended to be well covered during cold weather since cold and humidity decrease the efficiency of our natural defences.

In that situation, white blood cells are not strong enough to keep microbes out.

Also, it is a good thing to wash our hands regularly. At least 5 times a day and particularly before having a meal. Bacteria and viruses lurk on door handles, taps, keyboards, bank notes, and on certain foods. It is then well advised to thoroughly wash all foods before eating them.

Indeed, it is much better not to ingest a microbe since bacteria can damage the intestines a great deal.

To conclude, a healthy life improves the performances of the immune system.