Black Seed | Saouda: Specialist of black seed (habba sawda)

Around us live harmless bacteria.

These bacteria are present on our skin, in our mouth, and inside the intestine.

Both found inside and outside our body, bacteria are 100 times more numerousthan the cells of the body.

Harmless bacteria are more frequent in the digestive tract.

Our body contains around 100,000 billions of them and some 1,000 different species have been identified.

These harmless bacteria are very essential because they also protect us against aggressions from viruses and harmful bacteria.

Moreover, during a meal, we can ingest microbes that are present in the air or on foods.

Since then, the human intestine is the biggest surface of our body to be in contact with bacteria.

The intestine is an organ folded over on itself. Unfolded, it would cover the whole surface of a tennis court.

This is why the intestine is the biggest surface of our body to be in contact with microbes.