Black Seed | Saouda: Specialist of black seed (habba sawda)

The human being has natural defences that protect him permanently against microbe attacks.

The first defences are: the skin, eyelashes, and tears…But, it can happen that some microbes penetrate inside our body.

To make it simple, let’s say there are two types of microbes: viruses and bad bacteria.

Bacteria and viruses are very tiny organisms that can only be observed using a scanning electron microscope.

The virus is ball-shaped; the bacteria is stick-shaped.Since they attack the human cells, microbes can cause intestinal troubles.

When microbes penetrate our body, the immune system deploys its white blood cells to fight back (rumblllle in the jungllllle!).

Produced by the bone marrow and circulating in the blood, the white blood cells (70% of them) are mainly concentrated in the intestines.