Black Seed | Saouda: Specialist of black seed (habba sawda)

A healthy diet should bring individuals sufficient high quality nutriments while respecting ecosystems.

But, in these times of natural balance deteriorations, it is essential to keep the rural production sector alive and to insure good relations between producers and consumers in order to guaranty a thorough traceability of quality products.

A well-being diet should contribute to preserve biodiversity thanks to less pesticides and other polluting products.

Qualities of well-being products

Several studies have shown that well-being products are outstanding because of the following qualities:

  • highly reduced nitrate and pesticide contents,
  • higher nutritional value,
  • mineral elements balanced,
  • low water content,
  • higher dried matter content,
  • better trace elements balance.

Harvested when reaching maturity, products allowing a well-being diet have a better organoleptic quality (taste, scent, texture) than standard products.

The well-being diet is the diet par excellence.